Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2017

I had a blast at Pikes Peak Writers Conference (PPWC) 2017. A few highlights:

Thursday: Attending Donald Maass’ prequel session. He made us ask ever-deeper questions about our work and how we could enrich it.

Friday: Moderated 2 sessions. That was my first time moderating sessions. I highly recommend it, you get to be helpful and get a little closer to the faculty. Got my first page shredded by an agent, editor, and author. Got Donald Maass to sign 4 books. At “BarCon,” listened to a number of ex-military folks talking about exotic locations and all the other stuff they talk about. They have a much different experience than I do, and I’m a military brat. Worked my opening late at night and reprinted it. Because I bring my compact laser printer with me.

Saturday: Got a good critique on my query letter. Moderated 2 more sessions. Got an author to critique my opening. Had dinner at Donald Maass’ table. At BarCon, got to play Damon Smithwick’s cool-ass trick-taking card game, All or Nothing. Damon was kind enough to give me a deck. I’m dying to play this with friends. Following that, back to the room for more editing!

Sunday: Got another author, and my critique group, to check out my opening, and give me still more feedback. Attended sessions and listened to Donald Maass’ keynote speech. Got my recordings. Finished up (helped some there with cleanup) and came back to edit more and get a wave of submissions out.

There were many conversations with writers, and met lots of new faces who I hope to see more at PPW events and at RMFW.