Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure

Lately I’ve been learning more about Azure. There are a ton of resources for Azure, but the one I’ve been using lately myself is entitled Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure, by several authors including Scott Guthrie.

One caveat: As is often the case, these books get outdated quickly. If you download the PDF you’ll find that many of the links are broken, so you’ll have to do web searches to find the articles they reference.

You can also download sample source code, but note that this is outdated as well. If you use VS2015 to load it, you will have to make some adjustments. I had to tweak the MyFixIt project’s web.config to use the new SQL Server Express 2014 information (“(LocalDb)\MSSQLLocalDB”, not “(LocalDB)\v11.0”). Otherwise you’ll get errors on the first DB access. Note that changing this from the Server Explorer won’t cut it. (It will make the connections look good in the Server Explorer itself, but I don’t think it has any further effect; reload VS2015 and it will be gone.)