Heated Cat Beds

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To most of you this will be minutiae, but we have two cats. Gremlin is an 18-year-old tuxedo, runt of her litter, with a pug nose. Timmy is a Siamese, 16 years old, and quite vocal.

Timmy whines in the cold weather, hoping we will make it warm and let him out. He whines to come into bed so that he can walk circles around me, ram his cold wet nose into my face, go under and back out of the blankets, and when he finally settles, I get both the nose and the claw action. It's worst in the cold weather, of course.

I just yesterday got two heated cat beds, a larger covered one, and a smaller uncovered on, hoping that Timmy, with his higher demand for warmth, would discover them and make them his. So far, I haven't had much luck getting him into them. However, today I am seeing Gremlin get into them. Gremlin of course has thick fur and can sleep just about anywhere. But she too loves warmth, and seems to be noticing the heat. Timmy, I'm not sure about. These beds don't put out much heat, so it may be that it's not enough for Timmy.

But if it gets him off me sometimes at night, without him whining in or out of the bedroom, it would be a huge win.

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