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  • Work and Life and Death

    Tags: hiking, work, life, death

    Today proved an eventful day. The only exciting thing I expected today was a job offer. I got more than I bargained for.

    I went on a group hike today, to Seven Bridges and beyond into Jones Park. … more

  • Heated Cat Beds

    Tags: cats, cat beds

    To most of you this will be minutiae, but we have two cats. Gremlin is an 18-year-old tuxedo, runt of her litter, with a pug nose. Timmy is a Siamese, 16 years old, and quite vocal.

    Timmy whines in … more

  • The Personal MBA

    Tags: business, GTD, IDesign

    My cousin recently put me onto a book I'm finding quite interesting: The Personal MBA. He said it would be a good book for learning about business, and as I'm considering whether I might want to … more

  • Bizarre Surface Pro 3 Modern apps freezing

    I had a strange issue recently with my Surface Pro 3. It seemed like, ever since upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I would get an issue where, sometimes when I went into sleep mode and then … more

  • Finally making headway

    Finally making some headway getting some blog posts and images up on here. It's been a bit of a technical adventure getting used to Orchard, but things are gradually falling into place. more