Post-November Blues

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Now that November is over, did you participate in NaNoWriMo? Did you skip it? Or did you write/edit your usual way, as I did?

During NaNoWriMo, I recall some people mentioning how what they were writing was absolute crap. They had scenes that were mere skeletons of story, with action occurring but no style to it. One writer used the analogy of saying it was like pushing pieces around a chessboard. I liked that, and it reminded me of the times when I've stayed up a little too late, trying to productively write or edit to the point of exhaustion.

Sometimes I would later go back and discover blatant problems with those final pieces of work, whether it involved unimaginative wording, duplicated sentences or fragments thereof, or nonsensical narration. My reaction would usually be that I should have gone to bed sooner. Many of you who pushed hard for NaNo may now see such issues in your own writing. Best of luck finding and fixing them; I hope there aren't too many needles in the haystacks you've created.

As for me, as I finished with my word count reduction, I progressed with putting together more of the story arcs for the rest of my series, and just began writing. Don't expect it to be done in a month, though.

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