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  • Shrediting

    Tags: writing, editing

    With the holidays behind us, I've made some more edits to my problematic opening and am hoping this time I've nailed it.

    I'd like to give a shout-out to Lisa Amowitz, who gave me some great … more

  • Query Letters--How much is enough?

    Tags: query letters, writing

    I've been getting some more query feedback and found something I'd never heard before: 

    Only describe the first act, or maybe only the first 50 pages.

    This came as a complete shock to me. I've been … more

  • Why won't .DOC die?

    Tags: writing, writing software

    It happened again--had to send out text in .DOC format.

    For those of you too young to remember. .DOC is the original Microsoft Word format. In fact it's been upgraded several times; according to … more

  • Bike-Writing

    Tags: bikewriting, writing

    Recently one of my dear critique group friends told me that there are combination exercise bike/desks, and I looked them up and got one (the FitDesk specifically). I have to say this was a great … more

  • Fiction vs. Software

    Tags: writing, software

    I attended a terrific presentation during PPWC 2016, entitled A Novel in 90 Days by Johnny Worthen. Excellent presentation. In this Johnny combined (albeit perhaps not entirely knowingly) industrial- … more

  • Word to Thunderbird formatting woes

    Tags: writing, writing software

    This one has plagued me for awhile. I wonder if any agents have thrown out my queries just because of it.

    Thunderbird, it turns out, has a horrible formatting engine. And Microsoft Word pastes with … more