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  • Query Letters--How much is enough?

    Tags: query letters, writing

    I've been getting some more query feedback and found something I'd never heard before: 

    Only describe the first act, or maybe only the first 50 pages.

    This came as a complete shock to me. I've been … more

  • Why won't .DOC die?

    Tags: writing, writing software

    It happened again--had to send out text in .DOC format.

    For those of you too young to remember. .DOC is the original Microsoft Word format. In fact it's been upgraded several times; according to … more

  • Bike-Writing

    Tags: bikewriting, writing

    Recently one of my dear critique group friends told me that there are combination exercise bike/desks, and I looked them up and got one (the FitDesk specifically). I have to say this was a great … more

  • Fiction vs. Software

    Tags: writing, software

    I attended a terrific presentation during PPWC 2016, entitled A Novel in 90 Days by Johnny Worthen. Excellent presentation. In this Johnny combined (albeit perhaps not entirely knowingly) industrial- … more

  • Word to Thunderbird formatting woes

    Tags: writing, writing software

    This one has plagued me for awhile. I wonder if any agents have thrown out my queries just because of it.

    Thunderbird, it turns out, has a horrible formatting engine. And Microsoft Word pastes with … more

  • Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2016

    Tags: writing

    So much to do still, but I'm going to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference this weekend. Looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things, and hoping to have a few pitching opportunities. more